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The Biological Benefits of Drumming.

The Biological Benefits of Drumming.

Anyone who’s ever drummed can tell you it’s good for you.  And like anything in life, unless you give it a go, you’ll never know what they mean by “meditative”, “increased energy flow”, “had me mesmerised”, “I just forgot about everything else”, “reduced my stress”, “feels like I’m healing from the inside out”, and so on and on.   But for us drummers and facilitators, we hear it all the time…and always with an element of surprise attached.  And it may even sound like mind altering mumbo jumbo!   But what’s great is that all this talk of feelings and healing is now being considered in neurological research.  We love this article discussing the health benefits and why drumming and music is so great for everyone, young and old.  http://www.biosync.com/2013/the-biological-benefits-of-drumming/

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