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Having your own Djembe allows you to keep drumming between classes, and join up with your drumming friends to jam in your spare time.

Djembes shells and skins come in various makes and qualities. Shells range from cheaper man made variety (e.g. fibreglass), but can lack in quality of sound, to more expenseive real wood such as timber, giving a richer quality of sound.

Skins are also made in synthetic or animal skins. The animal skin is more traditional, and can provide earthier tones, but can be less tolerant to temperature changes. Synthetic skins are said to be more consistant in sound and tone, and harder wearing.

The size of the drum can also be important; small drums, depending on the quality of the make, may lose clarity between the different notes played on the drum. All of this will of course depend on your drum maker.

Consider buying a drum that is a little more in price, but gives you the quality of sound that makes drumming that much more pleasurable. Hearing the difference between your tones and slaps can make all the difference to the enjoyment of playing.



Drums from Djembemoves

Based in Bridgetown, Djembemoves is dedicated to bringing traditional West African dance and drumming. Djembemoves offers high quality djembes, doundouns, and related products from Guinea, Mali, and Ghana. The structure, integrity and sound of hand made instruments from West Africa is preserverd in each Djembemoves drum because each individual instrument is unique, hand crafted (no machine processing), and made with only natural products (no artificial materials used).

Djembemoves offers hand selected and imported djembes from Guinea and Ghana (each country uses a different type of wood). The size and type of wood of the drum will dictate the look, sound and price of each drum. Each drum is skinned in Bridgetown using goat skin from Western Australia.

Dindindi Drums carries a selection of Djembemoves djembes for sale. Feel free to contact us for more information or arrange a demo so that you look, listen, and feel the drums.

Build your own drum!
Djembemoves hosts a drum making workshop twice a year.  If you’d like to feel the magic of creating your own instrument, then this is your opportunity. For more information or to reserve your spot, please email megan@dindindi.com.au.