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Drumming for YOUTH & CHILDREN

Drumming for Youth and Children


Rhythm and music has social and therapeutic benefits for children as well as being loads of fun. It can help them focus, open lines of communication and understand the importance of working in a team.




Kids Drumming – Bunbury Back Beach January 2016


Slap some skin, make some noise, create your own rhythms.  Gina will guide you through an intro to the West African djembe.  You’ll get to learn some smooth grooves and make your own as well.  Make a jam with your new tribe.

Dindindi often run holiday workshops with support from the City of Bunbury Libraries.  Watch out in the next school holidays for where we will pop up next.






Just add Rhythm (5-7 year old program)

Drumbeats colourJoin the Dindindi Tribe  – even as young as 5!!

What did you like about this class; the singing, the chanting, the drumming?  I loved EVERYTHING.

Dindindi’s ‘Just add Rhythm’ 5-7 year old program is all about finding the joy, encouraging kids to continue creating rhythm, rhymes and finding the joy in music.  We want people to create music anywhere, any time, because if they can do that, they can find a safe place and joy anywhere, anytime.

A combination of movement, singing, body percussion and drumming will be included in this program.  We are NOT about ‘teaching’ music to this age, but we endeavour to have children find their rhythm, and begin to understand how to play with others.  This term’s focus will be on Body Percussion and games.  (Please note, whilst parents are required to stay, they will not be included inside the classroom).

Note, if your child is 4 going on 5 this calendar year and you are interested in this program, please contact Megan to discuss age appropriateness. 

Does your child have a disability?  Please contact Megan on 0424 082 024 or megan@dindindi.com.au to discuss if this program best suits your child’s needs.

WHEN: Watch out in 2020 for the return of this program with an exciting new factilitator

BOOKINGS: Essential. 

BRING: Drums and small percussion will be provided. Please watch FACEBOOK any appropriate updates, or changes due to illness / injury.


Rappin’ and Tappin’ Workshop  (8-12 year old program)

I felt happy and safe (Participant)

It was fun doing percussion and learning about different instruments.

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop as much as the kids did  (Kym – Carer)

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Continuing to create connection and expression in group play

Looking for something different?  Our R&T workshop empowers children to be creative with their own rhythm.  Inside a safe and encouraging space, participants will create their own rhythm and raps and jam their own beats using the West African Djembe.  They will jam, make noise, and laugh out loud.   Our aim is to encourage participants to continue creating their own rhythms and patterns.  With assistance on the ‘how to’ this course is designed to have participants build self confidence and self expression through music.

WHEN:Keep an eye on this page for updated courses.




big drum

It’s all hands on in this toddler program.

Toddler and Children’s Music and Rhythm Workshop

Dindindi are currently involved in the programing and running of music and rhythm workshops for child care and school programs for children and toddlers.

These programs involve music and drumming games, which are aimed to teach new skills & concepts such as how to play different types of instruments, rhythm / finding the beat, tones, singing & melodies, starts and stops. Consequently, other important skills such as following instructions, taking turns, respect, co-operation and team work are also learned.  Even the simple ideas of sitting in a circle is in itself a new task for some.

Through regular classes and follow up by carers & teachers, we have found children to show an increased interest in music & rhythm. They have also become very particular about what kind of music they would like played!

If you as a parent or centre of care, are interested in any way in any of these programs, please contact megan@dindindi.com.au for further details and a quote.





Drumming for Youth

Whether you’re looking for sessions for your youth that tackle youth in need or just a general jam up, we can assist you in that too. Dindindi Drums offers a variety of workshops for Youth. 


Drumbeat is a program designed to reach disengaged and alienated people at risk of problematic health and social outcomes.  It is designed to target those groups, however, any young person can benefit from this program.  Drumbeat programs have also been taken on by groups who are simply aiming to create greater teamwork and leadership. 

The program creates a fun safe environment for so that all group members feel able to participate.

The program is designed around each target audience and is reworked from week to week depending on outcomes and issues raised.

What makes us different? Dindindi have two amazing Drumbeat facilitators with experience in Social work, Youth work and Disabilities.  Whilst these skills provide an understanding of the issues, there is also a strong musical background that provides an incredible base for participants to get connected and find their groove.  This accelerates the creation of empowerment, teamwork and leadership skills.  They are both well respected by the participants they have worked with.


Rhythm Rebellion – Are you in the game?

Dindindi Drums also run Youth programs which are more musically focused.  We have a belief that music can be used as a key to communication and developing trust, and our Rhythm workshops aim to have participants create their own music and outcomes based on what they feel they are striving towards.  I.e. The Game.  We work with ideas like: ‘Are you in the game?  Who do you need to be to be in the game?  What do you need to do to be in the game?  Who do you need to be, to be in the game?  What are the written and unwritten rules of the game?’  Using music and rhythm as a starting point, focus becomes issues that raise themselves over the course of the program, whilst working towards an end game that’s relevant to participants.

For more details on these programs, please contact megan@dindindi.com.au