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Good question right? I mean we in the drumming world talk about drum circles all the time, but really what on earth is that?First moonlight
Don’t be scared or intimidated. A drum circle is just a group of people, who have gathered together, usually but not always on an informal basis to create a musical experience with drums. The experience itself may not have anything to do with music, it can often be more social or spiritual, but the drum is the tool of the group.
What kids of instruments can I bring? There are no set rules on group size, or types of drums, although mostly we expect to see hand drums. And whilst the predominant instrument is usually the Djembe, you might also see bongos, congas, talking drums, douns, frame drums, dombuk and so on. Depending on the group, really anything goes. We’ve had kids bring along ‘junk music’ drums, and adults with home made drums. Additionally, we love to see lot’s of percussion. And home made stuff is awesome.
Having percussion in your drum circle can really change it up a level. It adds different shades to the group and can really change the feel of the rhythms played. They create a background of texture to the music and make it really interesting. It also creates somewhere people can go but still join in when their hands get sore!  Not to mention accessible for kids.
So who can join a drum circle? Well anyone really. Most drum circles don’t require any specific experience, either musically, drumming, or otherwise. In most cases, they create a safe place for participants to come and either copy a beat, or create their own. Remember that in a lot of cases, because of the safe nature of the community, people are coming for the first time, so if you’re being initiated into the world of drum circles you won’t be on your own.
Having kids involved in your circle can be more challenging, particularly if there is a large spread in ages, however they can really add a whole different dynamic, and have no fear of standing in the middle of the circle either dancing or conducting their orchestra.
Why would I want to join a drum circle? Well that might depend on the type of drum circle you’re considering, and we discuss this in more detail in our article ‘Why would I want to join a drum circle?’ but benefits can include the feeling of social inclusion, finding like minded folk, increased and measured focus, joy, fun, technique improvement, stress release, stress relief, and a peaceful or meditative state of mind.
What types of Drum circles are there? There are many different types of drum circles, which we address in our blog, “How do I choose a drum circle”.
So find one that suits you. Determine what you might like to achieve, and see if there’s a local drum community that works for you. If not, join the one that’s available; you might be able to find people within that community who are looking for the same thing you are.
Join the tribe.
Find your groove.

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