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Our mission at Dindindi Drums is to empower people and create communities through the power of drumming and rhythm. Come and find your groove, meet new people, and experience connection through group play. Dindindi Drums offers a variety of community group classes to accommodate all skill levels. We also offer 1 hour taster classes for those curious about African drumming and want to give it a go.

Join the Tribe

Join the Tribe

“Thanks Megan. I enjoyed tonight.  A bit out of rhythm but fun! Was feeling a bit *&% but about half an hour after class my horrible mood lifted right off me. I’m glad I went. It fixed it.” Our community classes are more than just learning to play djembe. Drumming is great for the soul. Please note, bookings are essential for ALL classes.


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Learning in a group environment, we introduce the basic techniques of the Djembe. Participants will learn a West African rhythm in several parts, and participate in multi-part group play. Not only will you understand the technique, but also the importance of all the parts creating one  together.

This class is for those with little or no drumming experience. Drums supplied (at no charge) or bring your own.

Dates: 6 Wednesday evenings, starting 4th November 2020

TIME: 6:45-7:45pm (ish)

Location: To be advised
Cost:  $125.00

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