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Welcome to Dindindi Drums!

Dindindi Drums is WA’s¬†energetic southwest African Drumming based Community.

Be amazed at the difference drumming and rhythm can make in your life. Whether you want to unwind, meet new people,strengthen and unify your team, improve your play, or find your groove Dindindi Drums offers classes and events to get you there.

Try a community drumming class, drumming for kids or a one off workshop. Create synergy and connection by providing corporate team building or join us in one of our Meditation Series of events.  Surprise yourself and be amazed at what you can achieve.

Laugh, enjoy, build communities and feel connected.

Join us, and find your groove!

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Dindindi Drums now have Gift Certificates. If you’d like to gift or contribute to a class for someone please contact us to post your Certificate.